Sell Your Home

Seven Steps to Selling Your Home

If selling your home is a decision you have made, Hanson’s Realty and Hanson’s Mobile Home Sales can help you through the important steps to make it happen.  Here are some suggested steps to consider:

1) Review the numbers. The biggest question that we get from prospective sellers is usually about the value of their current homes. We will take the time to meet, listen and hear what your home selling goals are and make a plan to help you accomplish them. We will provide you with a comparative market analysis (CMA) on your current home’s value and itemize selling costs so you are fully informed of your selling proceeds.

2) Make a plan to show your home. We will walk your property and help you make decisions on what things, if any, should be repaired, cleaned or organized. Our goal is to make your home appealing to buyers to maximize your sales price and sell your home in a timely manner.

3) Prepare your property for sale. In some cases, your home is ready to show right away. Some sellers just need some detail cleaning and yard prep. Other homes may need repairs, paint, carpet etc. Don’t let this be stressful. We can help guide you on what should and should not be done. We can refer a list of contractors to help you if needed.

4) Set a price. Now that you have reviewed the market analysis and prepared your home, it’s time to zero in on a selling price.  We always listen to your pricing goals and can help you figure out a pricing strategy that will work for you. We also review with you the market conditions, comparative sales, and your time goals to develop our pricing recommendations.

5) Make a solid plan for housing after your home sells.  Make sure the home you are wanting to buy or the location you are moving to also meets your needs and budget. This is an often-overlooked key point that should be considered before making the final decision to sell your current home. You want to know all the facts before offering your home for sale and accepting a contract. We will happily help you with this information.

6) Set a date to put your home on the market. We will guide you as to the best times to have your home hit the market. Our experience suggests that there are some dates to avoid such as certain holidays or events that may limit buyers from paying attention to your new listing. We want to give your listing every chance to be seen as it hits the market.

7) Know how your home is being presented to prospective buyers. When we meet with you, we will lay out an advertising plan to get your home noticed. Our plans can include print material, open houses, and on-line internet strategies. Each home is different, and it is important we customize a plan to execute specifically for your home to maximize its exposure.  Also, be sure to talk with your agent about times that you might prefer to show your home.